News last update:6 Aug 2012

Sugar cane for Fiji dairy cows

A two-year project in Sorokoba Village, Fiji is being set up to improve livestock feed from sugar cane tops. This in return helps dairy farmers to yield higher milk and butter-fat content per cow.

"Despite the fact that we have the best breed in the country, we still don't seem to have produced its genetic potential," Interim Agriculture Minister Jainend Kumar said.

"Making animal feed from cane tops is something that has only been practiced in more developed sugar-producing countries and for this project to be initiated in the West, is something that farmers will definitely look forward to.

Farm Estate Enterprises Limited chairman, Surendra Sharma, who is responsible for the project, said it would need a lot of support from farmers in the cane belt areas. The extra costs for the feed will be compensate by the increased milk yield.

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