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Alltech tour addresses elevated feed costs

Alltech will once again embark on its annual European, Middle Eastern and North African Lecture Tour beginning February 11, 2008. The theme for the tour is "The Feed Cost Puzzle: Performance or Profitability?".

High levels of demand (for biofuels, higher consumption) promise to drive global corn prices even higher and make it more difficult for producers to feed their animals. Alltech's lecture tour will address these issues by examining ways to maintain performance and profitability in the face of increasing feed costs.

Last year's tour, which focused on the growing debate over ethanol between the food, feed and fuel industries, drew more than 2,000 people across Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Africa/Middle East leg of the 2008 lecture tour will be announced shortly.

Dates and locations for the 2008 ELT are:

11th February:  
Cork, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland 
Belfast, N. Ireland

12th February:  
Birmingham, UK
Glasgow, Scotland

13th February: 
Stavanger, Norway
Billund, Denmark

14th February:  
Helsinki, Finland
Tartu, Estonia

15th February:  
Riga, Latvia
Warsaw, Poland

16th February:  
Moscow, Russia

18th February:  
Belgorod, Russia
Minsk, Russia

19th February:  
Kiev, Ukraine 
Izmir, Turkey

20th February:  
Thessaloniki, Greece
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

21st February:  
Bucharest, Romania
Belgrada, Serbia

22nd February: 
Budapest, Hungary 
Nitra, Slovakia

23rd February:   
Zagreb, Croatia

24th February:  
Vienna, Austria

25th February:  
Brno, Czech Republic
Munich, Germany

26th February:  
Bern, Switzerland
Bologna, Italy

27th February: 
Barcelona, Spain   
Lisbon, Portugal

28th February:  
Rennes, France 
Ghent, Belgium

29th February: 
Munster, Germany   
Arnhem, Netherlands.

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