News last update:6 Aug 2012

Chinese premix firm gets government grant

AgFeed Industries, Inc, a market leader in China's premix animal nutrition industry, today announced that the Company's Lushan Breeder Hog Farm was designated a "National Breeder Hog Center" by the Chinese government.

AgFeed will receive RMB 300,000 (€28,000) in an annual grant from the government in recognition of its outstanding breeder pig products.

There are a total of 46 nationally designated breeder pig centers in China as part of the government's "National Breeder Hog Testing Labs" project which promotes better quality hogs to address the country's severe pig shortage. Pork represents about 65% of China's annual meat consumption.

Songyan Li, Ph.D., AgFeed's Chairman, commented: "AgFeed completed the acquisition of the Lushan breeder pig farm in November 2007 in anticipation of an annual production of approximately 20,000 pigs as well as the farm's superb breeder hog quality. Management's vision towards the successful Lushan acquisition is now also recognized by the government authority.

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