News last update:6 Aug 2012

Dutch agri cooperations do well in Europe

Business school NICE/Nyenrode made a list of the 100 biggest cooperations in the European agriculture business. Conclusion: the Dutch do well.

The Finnish company Metsälitto is nr 1, with annual sales of €9.27 billion. Second biggest is Vion with annual sales of €7.41 billion.

The list contains 12 Dutch companies, with a total sales income of €19 billion. Dutch dairy cooperations Friesland Foods and Campina are respectively number 6 and 8 in the list. Only the Danish-Swedish dairy cooperation Arla Foods is bigger in terms of sales.

Other Dutch cooperations are Cosun at number 26, The Greenery at number 34, feed cooperation Cehave Landbouwbelang at number 61, Avebe at 66, Agrifirm at 69, Cebeco Group at 70, DOC Kaas at 91 and ForFarmers at 96.

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