News last update:6 Aug 2012

Balchem introduces rumen-protected lysine

Balchem's Animal Nutrition & Health Division introduced the first proven rumen-protected lysine for use in dairy rations - AminoShure-L.

Dr. Dana Putnam, vice president and general manager of Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health: "The product permits precise ration formulations that more closely approximate the animal's lysine requirements without the excesses of crude protein that typically accompany the lysine found in conventional feed ingredients. This opens the door to higher milk production with desired milk component levels and, equally important, to less nitrogen excreted as waste".

During the past 20 years, many companies have tried to develop a rumen-protected lysine, but without success. Balchem said its Aminoshure-L is the culmination of an intensive six-year research program to allow lysine to successfully bypass the rumen and reach the small intestine, where it is readily released and absorbed. The development of AminoShure-L benefits from Balchem's growing proprietary encapsulation technology.

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