News last update:6 Aug 2012

GMP+ welcomes its 10,000th participant

Thousands of animal feed companies in more than 50 countries let their products and services certify and control by the Dutch system GMP+. Recently, the private certification system (developed by the Dutch Product Board for Animal Feed) has now welcomed its 10,000th participant.

Products which comply with modern requirements with respect to the safety of humans, animals and the environment. That is what GMP+ stands for and it contains the unique combination of the relevant requirements for quality management (ISO 9001), HACCP and the branch-specific requirements which guarantee high levels of quality. GMP+ is focused on the safety of feed products and services for the whole feed sector. The system prevents feed incidents and makes a major contribution to global feed safety.

Companies in the sector can approach one of the certification bodies which have been approved by the Product Board Animal Feed if they wish certification. These bodies also carry out interim audits and extension audits. A GMP+ certificate is valid for three years. If it is shown that the requirements are not being met during the period of validity of the certificate then the certificate may be suspended or withdrawn.

GMP+ carries out audits throughout the chain: from collective and individual feed production companies up to and including the delivery of the feed to cattle farmers. If an incident does take place then the source can quickly be traced and any products which have been delivered can be immediately found and recalled. GMP+ therefore takes preventive and corrective measures and works correctly.

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