News last update:7 Aug 2012

PURAC introduces soluble calcium source

PURAC has developed a new product for the feed industry. CALFEED HI SOL is a highly soluble calcium source that improves the health of recently weaned piglets when added to the feed.

Calcium is essential for the development of the bone structure, especially for young animals. It also plays a part in the various vital functions of tissue and organs. For these important functions a good solubility of the calcium is required.

CALFEED HI SOL is a highly soluble calcium source and is specifically developed for piglets to guide them through the weaning process in a healthy way and without any delay in growth development.

The product distinguishes itself from other calcium sources, such as for instance calcium formate, by an excellent sweet sour taste that safeguards the level of feed intake of the piglets. The high calcium content of the product guarantees good intestinal health.

Nico Kors – Market Unit Manager Feed & Agro – explains "the new product is one of the most effective calcium sources. We conducted a test with a standard calcium source and with our product. The feed intake of CALFEED HI SOL compared to the standard calcium source increased by 36.6%. The growth even improved by 47.7% whereas the feed conversion increased by 25.5%."

In particular the combination of a superior selection of sugars, combined with the mild taste of lactate makes the product the most suitable product for economic and profitable pig management.

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