News last update:6 Aug 2012

Update: Dioxin tainted pork in 25 countries

Tainted Irish pig meat might have been exported to 25 countries. This has been reported by Ireland's chief vet on Sunday, as shops in Ireland and overseas removed pork from their shelves due to fears of a cancer link.

Ireland is a major exporter of pork, with Britain the largest market followed by Germany, France, Russia and Japan. Hong Kong, China and the Netherlands are also major export destinations. The shelves of supermarkets in Ireland have been cleared of Irish pork products while stockists in Britain, like retail giant Waitrose, have also removed them as officials suggest that consumers not eat Irish or Northern Irish pork.

Reports further state that Germany stated it was removing all Irish pork products off the shelves as a safety measure, while contaminated Irish pork has been found in France and Belgium. The European Commission is closely monitoring the situation.

Currently, officials and police are investigating the possible source of the contaminated feed, a plant run by Millstream Power Recycling Limited near Fenagh, County Carlow in southwest Ireland. Company spokesman, David Curtin stated that what was under investigation was oil used in machinery used to dry the recycled bread products and dough - ingredients in the feed.

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