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Debate: Does the CAP have a future?

High feed prices, food safety and bio fuel seem to dominate the agriculture sector. A question that is increasingly being asked is: What purpose does the Common Agricultural Policy serve in today's world? This will be further discussed in a debate, organised by Agra Informa.

The debate "Annual European Agricultural Outlook Conference" will be held in London on April 2-3 2008. Among the speakers will be senior Commission agriculture official Poul Skytte Christoffersen, who will present a strategic overview of the CAP's future as seen from Brussels, while the UK perspective will be offered by Britain's Minister of State for Sustainable Food and Farming, Lord Rooker.

The conference will also address vital farm policy issues like the future for biofuels and bioenergy, the reform of the Single Farm Payment system, the impact of the planned abolition of milk quotas, the interface between agriculture and the environment, and the latest prospects for a WTO Doha Round agreement.

Health check
The European Commission is currently subjecting the CAP to a 'Health Check' which will lead to some changes in the way the CAP works. But a more fundamental EU budget review is promised next year, which could lead to a huge shake-up in the structure of support for agriculture and the rural economy in Europe from 2014 onwards.

For further information on the debate, please contact Elspeth Rumary at conferences@agra-net.com or phone (+44) 207 017 7496.

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