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Pig Progress focuses on feed price crisis

The latest issue of Pig Progress magazine (Vol. 24, No. 1, 2008), the sister magazine of Feed Mix and Feed Tech, will be focusing on the current feed price crisis and a number of other topical issues such as additives in animal feed.

In part 1 of a special management series, pig management expert and columnist, John Gadd, lists ways to save money on feed in view of the drastic increases in prices for animal nutrition in recent months.

Erwan Le Bras, field engineer for fast-growing French feed additives company, Olmix, presents a solution using modified clay to prevent mycotoxins in pig feed, to which pigs are extremely sensitive.

Organic pork production
Another topic discussed in the new issue is the effect of organic pork production on global warming. British scientists have carried out much research and have come to a positive conclusion.

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