News last update:6 Aug 2012

Australian farmers fined for swill feeding

Three farmers in New South Wales, Australia have been fined a total of $32,980 (€20,180) for swill feeding 620 pigs at three separate properties.

It is one of the biggest swill busts in NSW, according to Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald. NSW Department of Primary Industries agricultural compliance manager, Andrew Sanger, said the pigs were being allowed to feed on dead sheep as well as other animal carcasses including pigs and poultry.

Swill feeding has caused foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks overseas, including the catastrophic epidemic in the United Kingdom in 2001. It was common in Australia in the 1950s and is now banned nationwide. Some food wastes have been categorised as 'prohibited substances', and it is against the law to feed them to pigs.

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