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DSM to supply vitamin premixes in China

DSM enters into a strategic partnership with Yunnan Shennong Agriculture Group to supply its Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN®) Premix in Yunnan Province in South West China.

The new arrangement covers the production of pork in Yunnan Province, and a new manufacturing facility will come on line at Shennong Food Industry Park by August. The objective is to produce 500,000 tons of OVN® feed per annum within three years.

DSM already has a strategic agreement with Conti Chia Tai Group in Guangdong for the production on OVN® eggs. "The OVN approach allows closer control of vitamin and trace element nutrition and can be tailored for egg, poultry meat, pork, fish and milk production," commented Dr. J. Nathan Bird, VP Animal Nutrition & Health, China. In order to be able to implement this project the Yunnan Shennong Agriculture Group has been through an extensive HACCP qualification program for the whole pork production process.

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    John Halcomb

    I have am part of the American Dog Breeders Association here in Florida and I along with my other fellow dog breeders tried this product for several months and only two cases out of the over 40 different members did not see a noticeable change in our dog. We originally looking for an enhancement to there physical performance but did not see any real results within our group. Most of our dogs only got bad diarrhea as a result of use.

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