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European selenium conference in Prague

Selenium deficiency in Europe and how this affects food quality, food safety and ultimately human health will be among the issues addressed at this year's European Selenium Conference: "Selenium in animal and human health – Nutrition inspired by nature" taking place in Prague on 10 June 2008.

The annual event, hosted by global animal health and nutrition company, Alltech, will unite leading selenium specialists from around the globe. This year's conference will focus on new research showing the benefits of organic selenium for pigs, poultry and dairy performance as well as its role in human nutrition.

Topics addressed include:
- "Selenium in human nutrition: requirements and needs", Prof. Margaret Rayman , University of Surrey, UK;
- "Selenium in food and feed: nature's best design?", Prof. Gerhard Schrauzer, University of California, San Diego, USA;
- "Selenium status in the Czech Republic", Prof. Josef Illek et al., Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic;
- "Selenium status in Greece", Dr. Athanasios Pappas, Athens University, Greece;
- "Selenium status in Turkey", Dr. Filiz Karadas, Van University, Turkey;
- "Selenium status in Ukraine", Prof. Sergey Melnichuk, National Agricultural University, Ukraine;
- "Selenium in poultry nutrition", Dr. Peter Spring, Swiss College of Agriculture, Switzerland;
- "The role of selenium in optimising pig performance: An update", Dr. Wallace Henry, Consultant, Ireland;
- "Impact of organic selenium on dairy and beef cows", Dr. Darren Juniper, Reading University, UK;
- "The horse and carriage: Selenium & vitamin E", Prof. Peter Surai, SAC, UK;
- "Nutrigenomics: An essential tool to truly understand Selenium", Dr. Richard Murphy, Alltech, Ireland;
- "European regulatory issues surrounding Selenium", Dr. Gerard Bertin, Alltech, France;
- "Looking ahead", Mr. Steve Elliott, Head of Human Selenium Division, Alltech.

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