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Byrne keynote speaker at Fefana meeting

On the occasion of the General Assembly of Members (AGM), Fefana welcomed its members and guests and keynote speaker Dr. David Byrne former EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection.

At this informative day, Byrne explained how important it is to master the challenge of globalisation while maintaining high food and feed chain safety requirements. Dr. Byrne indicated that the White Paper on Food Safety was the master plan (Farm to Fork, food and feed chain, hygiene, risk assessment and risk communication) in order to avoid food and feed safety incidents which could affect local economy and social stability.

Main activities Fefana
Secretary General - Mr. Didier Jans - gave an instructive overview stressing the association's main activity areas which are among others: Guidelines, Guidances and new functionalities linked to Reg. 1831/2003; the re-authorisation process with 7 consortia currently at work in this matter; analysis harmonisation as well as validation and verification; codes on the labelling of additives and premixtures, labelling of feed and functional claims; definitions (interpretation and need for transparency); harmonisation and proposal for a legal framework regarding supplementary feed; marketing of feed; Feed Hygiene Regulation and Control as well as environment and sustainability.

2008-2010 strategy
Dr. Hadden Graham, the Fefana President, presented the 2008-2010 Fefana strategy, focusing on the lobbying and networking aspects. He mentioned that the flow of information from and to members as well as the integration and co-ordination of communication at all levels is also high on the Fefana agenda. However, Dr. Graham indicated that Fefana would also focus more in the future on the challenges raised by the current and future EU enlargement.

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