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Out now: June edition of Feed Mix

A new issue of Feed Mix magazine, the international journal on feed, nutrition and technology has been published.

Among the topics covered in this month's issue are:

Acid preservation of sandeel and sardines
Acids are widely used to preserve fish and fish-by-products, to prolong fishing time or to extend the storage duration of those fish. Christian Lückstädt and Rune Christiansen from Addcon have recently tested potassium diformate in sandeel and sardines and reports on the outcomes.

Going green
Green – the name itself already causes a lot of different interpretations. From an emphasis on biofuels or how To reduce methane emissions from cows. Although many experts agree that green is the way to go – also in agriculture – it is often not clear where to go exactly? Alltech's annual animal health and nutrition symposium posed questions and tried to find some answers. By Emmy Koeleman

Shrimps profit from probiotic supplementation
The use of lactic acid bacteria in shrimp has already shown some positive results. Based on these encouraging outcomes of previous trials, Lallemand carried out a project to validate the zootechnical benefits of P. acidilactici MA18/5M in shrimps to gain an even better understanding of its mode of action.

Part 1 - Stress and immunity: the influences of nutrition
The immune system and the other systems are influenced by the nutritional state of the individual, by nutrients or metabolites, and by the hormones involved in the regulation of feeding behaviour. Theo Niewold reviews the current knowledge on the interaction between nutrients and the immune system.

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