News last update:7 Aug 2012

IIC buys pet food-cheese powder plant

International Ingredient Corporation (IIC) has acquired Land O'Lakes' pet food-grade cheese drying plant in Lake City, Minnesota, USA. The plant manufactures spray dried cheese powders for use in the pet food and animal feeding industries.

The plant will continue to produce the same high-quality pet food-grade dried cheese products for existing and new customers. The local management staff and work force will continue to operate the plant.

The cheese powders produced at the Lake City, Minn., facility are used as ingredients for improving palatability and nutrition of pet food and other animal feed products. Land O'Lakes will continue to provide the cheese raw materials utilized in the plant.

"The acquisition of the Land O'Lakes pet food-grade cheese plant in Lake City will give International Ingredient more production capacity and products to supply the pet food market," said Clayton Brown, COO of the International Companies.  "In addition, we're happy that the plant's existing customers will be able to continue to work with the same plant staff they've trusted for years."

"We are excited that the Lake City drying plant and all of the good people working there will be joining our team here at IIC," said Jim Sullivan, president of International Ingredient Corporation. Adding, "We look forward to providing the same high-quality products and outstanding service to the former Land O'Lakes customers who have used the products from the Lake City, Minn., plant."

International Ingredient Corporation is a manufacturer of feed and pet food ingredients based on co-products from the food industry. The St. Louis, Mo.-based company is owned by Fred Brown and family. The company operates nine processing facilities and produces products ranging from brewer's dried yeast to cheese powders to milk chocolate powders to dried dairy powders and sugar products.

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