News last update:6 Aug 2012

EU farmers want fair price for milk

The Fair Milk principle, designed to cover farmer cost, will soon making its way across EU member states, according to the European Milk Board (EMB).

The EMB - a lobby group representing dairy farmers across the EU - said that certified 'Fair Milk' (labelled with a special logo) is already on retail shelves in Austria and would soon be making its way across Europe.

Strike action
Farmers' groups last year took part in a number of strikes in the bloc to outline what they said were concerns over meeting rising production costs in their operations.

Following on from the European Commision's decision to raise milk production quotas by two per cent last November, the EMB claims farmers have continued to suffer.

Also some of Europe's leading processors have said that they too are being put under immense cost pressure, which would have to be passed on through the industry. Arla Foods, which operates across Europe from Scandinavia to the UK, said that the economic downturn had forced it to tighten its budget, reducing farmer payouts to 232.4 Danish øre (€0.31) per kg of milk as of 1 January.

A growing number of European dairy farmers are therefore uniting in their desire to obtain milk prices favouring the producer and consumers. Fair Milk should help in reducing the pressure for EU dairy producers. The actual implementation and the costs involved (and who is paying for that) was not disclosed by the EMB.

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