News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pig farmer shreds money in corn grinder

A pig farmer in China by accident grounded his year income in a corn grinder.

The Changchun-based City Evening News is looking for a jigsaw expert to recover five thousand yuan (€ 536) worth of banknotesfrom pig farmer Ji Zhankui, which were accidentally shredded in a corn grinder.

At the beginning of last year, Ji decided to store the money in the corn grinder. His home had previously been burglarized and he believed the grinder to be a safe place.

A few months later, he needed to grind corn for pig feed but forgot the money was there.

By the time he realized the red scraps of paper pouring out of the machine represented the family's total income for the previous year, it was already too late.

All the banks he has contacted have refused to accept the money.

Now Ji's only hope is to reassemble three-fourths of each note, which the People's Bank of China will exchange for the full face-value.

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