News last update:6 Aug 2012

Form-A-Feed patents new feed and technology

Form-A-Feed Inc., a Stewart, Minnesota (USA) based animal feed company, has received a US patent on Hydro-Lac and the manufacturing technology used to produce the product.

This pelleted dehydration supplement helps reduce losses from dehydration when administered as a top dress or mixed into feed for cattle.
“This is the first patent of its kind that has demonstrated efficacy in reducing losses of shrink and dehydration in both feedlot cattle and lactating dairy cows,” said Dr. Peter Franz, co-developer of the product.
In field trials, Hydro-Lac has proven to maintain body fluid balance during times of heat stress, post-calving, transportation and metabolic disorders, company officials said.
In May, Form-A-Feed received notice of the patent approval and exclusive manufacturing technology for this rehydration supplement that is readily consumed during periods of de-hydration stress.
Hydro-Lac is widely available in the Upper Midwest and in joint venture locations throughout the United States.
Heat stress
Hot and humid weather creates heat-stressed cows and severely reduces production. Hydro-Lac products support the cows’ own cooling systems with electrolytes and sugars that encourage water and feed intake during hot, humid weather.
By minimizing heat stress and dehydration, dairy cows maintain their milk production, normal reproduction cycles, and avoid rumen acidosis.
For beef cattle, avoiding the impact of heat stress can help to maintain body fluid balance and minimize dry matter consumption loss.

Dick Ziggers

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