News last update:6 Aug 2012

Novus sponsors dairy nutrition seminar

Novus International Inc., held a seminar during World Dairy Expo for dairy nutritionists, "Understanding CNCPS and CPM: Biology, Modeling and “Best Cost” Applications for Balancing the Nutrient Requirements in Dairy Diets".

The event was held in Madison, Wisconsin, September 30, 2009 and consisted of two speakers, Dr. Tom Overton, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University and Ed Galo, Ruminant Technical Manager, Novus International. 

Dr. Tom Overton discussed the biology behind CNCPS (Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System) and CPM (Cornell Penn Miner) and how they can work together in understanding carbohydrate, protein and amino acid dynamics of the programs, insight on how to navigate CNCPS and CPM and optimize nutrients using these models and application this information to pre-fresh lactation diets. “Dairy producers and their nutritionists always need to be looking for innovative ways to increase the value of their feeding programs,” stated Dr. Overton. “The recent combination of low milk prices and variable to high purchased feed costs make finding these opportunities even more imperative.”

Dr. Ed Galo discussed methionine for milk and component yield. “Methionine, is a limiting essential amino acid that plays multiple roles in dairy cattle nutrition,” Galo stated. “Methionine is required for the synthesis of milk protein, and as a limiting amino acid, it needs to be supplemented in the diet. Also, methionine plays a key role as a methyl donor in the animal, positively affecting fat metabolism, promoting milk fat synthesis, and helping alleviate metabolic issues associated with excessive fat mobilization. It is also a precursor of cysteine which plays a critical role in the ability of a cow to fight oxidative stress as a component of glutathione.” 

Gary Winter, National Sales Manager, Ruminants, Novus International expressed, “The attendance and participation in the meeting was excellent.  Novus is proud to sponsor speakers such as Dr. Overton to help train dairy nutritionists in the use of CNCPS and CPM models.  By using tools of this nature we can help the dairy producer make the most of his feedstuffs and improve productivity.  Thanks again to Dr. Overton for leading this training session.”

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