News last update:6 Aug 2012

Oximin fights free radicals in dairy cows

The cell protection complex Oximin is the most recent result of German company Schaumann research activities.

A weakened immune status, a higher incidence of udder inflammation and declining reproductive performance in dairy cows are often the stress-induced consequences of the activity of “free radicals”.
The new micronutrient complex Oximin combines vitamin E, natural and synthetic antioxidants, rumen- and small intestinal available selenium and organically bound copper, zinc and manganese for a unique three-tier immune defence system.
The cell protection complex prevents the regeneration of free radicals, neutralises already formed free radicals and supports the repair of damaged cell constituents.
Schaumann offers the new micronutrient complex in several of its Rindamin and Rindavit products, which are available either as a complete mineral with different Ca:P ratios or as a concentrate with a Ca:P ratio of 1:1.
The Rindavit products additionally contain the proven Bovin-S Complex, which further enhances the effect of Oximin.
Further information is available via Schaumann

Dick Ziggers

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