News last update:6 Aug 2012

Biosprint tested in dairy cows

Biosprint®, a live yeast originating from bakery yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) was tested at a practical farm in Saxony (DE) with 1500 Holstein Friesian dairy cows.

The main goal of the trials was to investigate the influence of Biosprint on milk production and milk composition. A group of 400 cows between 4 and 22 weeks of lactation was selected, and splitted into to groups. One group was the control group (without Biosprint) and the other group the experimental group (5 grams of Biosprint included). The groups were balanced on production (on average. 38.5 kg milk per day, 81 days in lactation and 1.4 lactations).

The composition of the trial groups was dynamic during the tiral. Older cows were taken out of the groups and cows that just calved came into the groups, in order to keep the group balanced.

Production results
Table 1 shows the effect of 5 grams Biosprint inclusion on milk production of high producing dairy cattle. The cows were fed restricted and therefore no effect on feed intake could be observed. From the table it can be concluded that, although there was no difference in dry matter intake, the cows produced 1.1 kg more milk compared to the control group. From the results it seems that especially the older cows benefit from the Biosprint addition, no significant difference could be seen for the heifers. There is also some effect in lactation stadium. It seems that the biggest effect of live yeast inclusion can be measured in the period between 50 and 100 days in lactation, were feed intake and milk production should reach its maximum capacity. The better production performance with equal feed intake suggests a higher feed efficiency with the addition of Biosprint. This could be due to a more stable rumen environment.

Results on fat and protein production
Table 2 shows the results on daily fat and protein production for the both groups of cows. From this results can be observed that the daily fat and protein production was increased when Biosprint is included in the diet.

In this trial on a large practical farm the effect of Biosprint live yeast addition on milk production and milk composition was investigated. The results of this trial show a significant improvement (+3%) on milk production as a result of Biosprint addition. Also higher daily fat and protein production were found. Together with the equal feed intake it can be concluded that feed efficacy was improved.

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