News last update:6 Aug 2012

Thousands of animals die in live export disaster

At least 34 people are missing and nearly 30,000 sheep and cattle have drowned after the Panamanian-flagged livestock carrier Danny F II rolled over and sank 11 miles off the coast of Lebanon last Thursday night.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) revealed this disaster in a press release.
The ship was en route from Montevideo, Uruguay to the Syrian port of Tartous with a cargo of 10,000 sheep and 18,000 cattle when it capsized during a storm near Tripoli, Lebanon.
Ships from the Lebanese navy along with a couple of civilian vessels and UN peacekeeping ships have been searching for survivors. So far 39 survivors and nine bodies have been pulled from the sea.
According to press reports, the search is being hampered by high seas and the carcasses of thousands of animals in the water.
The sinking will likely throw the spotlight on the controversial live animal export trade which has been accused of various cruel practices and animal abuse in the past.
“The live transport of animals for slaughter is one of the greatest causes of animal suffering in the world.
Despite efforts by a number of governments to improve the welfare of transported livestock, it is impossible to prevent the inherent suffering of animals transported long distances by sea,” a spokeswoman of the WSPA said.

Dick Ziggers

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