News last update:6 Aug 2012

Alltech's Japanese JV also beneficial to feed industry

The joint venture between Alltech global trading company Mitsui and Japanese brewer Asahi Breweries to develop an innovative range of natural food flavourings, could also have a spin-off to the feed industry.

The agreement had the potential to fast-track the company’s development, resulting in a doubling of its annual sales to US$1 billion within the next five years, Alltech’s founder and President Dr Pearse Lyons said.
The joint venture between the two Japanese companies, which was finalised last week, will trade as Advanced Yeast Technologies Japan.
Alltech, which specialises in the production, processing and development of yeast, will provide the research and development required to bring the products of this collaboration to the marketplace.
Dr Lyons said the product represented a “real alternative to monosodiumglutamate, MSG” and would meet a growing demand in the market for natural composite flavours. He said that more flavours would be developed as the joint venture matured.
Production of the additive will begin immediately at Alltech’s yeast manufacturing plant in Serbia, with product scheduled to come to market by the second half of 2009.
Spin-off for animal feeds
Alltech has also been quick to realise synergies from the process for animal feed applications.
“We see an opportunity for the residue from the yeast extract that has great potential in the animal nutrition field,” Dr Lyons explained. “These new yeast strains yield a truly different cell wall component.”
Such components could be used to develop products that combat mycotoxins, act as growth promoters and help boost the immune system in animals – all in a natural way, he said.

Dick Ziggers

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