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Interactive ruminant session at Alltech symposium

'Carpe diem' ('Seize the Day') is very much the motto of the Ruminant Session taking place during Alltech's 25th International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium (May 17-20, 2009).

The interactive session will surpass the current doom and gloom and focus on tangible ways of counteracting rising production costs and pragmatic approaches to maximising efficiency and profitability. Top academics and industry experts will offer research-based advice on issues including, maximising fertility, enhancing animal health, increasing milk production, guaranteeing safe and fully traceable products, improving liveweight gain and developing more sustainable farming practices.

In an ever-changing market, ruminant milk and meat production must continually evolve in sustainable ways, promoting animal health, performance and product safety. Alltech’s meeting will explore new technologies and opportunities such as the potential to maximise home grown forages or to manage cow health through nutrition by reformulating and supplementing feed rations. The latest disease prevention and monitoring strategies, which play a pivotal role in sustainable business development, will also be presented.

Among the speakers are: Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois, USA; Randy Shaver, University of Wisconsin, USA; Finbar Mulligan, University College Dublin, Ireland; Alex Bach, IRTA, Spain; and Simon Timmermans, Horizon Beef, Iowa, USA.

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