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Orffa welcomes new pet food manager to the team

Orffa has decided to expand its position in the pet food market and has appointed Pauline Paap as the new pet food manager.

Pauline studied Management, Innovations and Life sciences (specialisation Animal Nutrition) at Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands and finished her Master thesis (title: “A pet food market research”, conducted for Orffa”) end 2008. 

Pauline will form together with Marc Rovers the pet food team of Orffa and will be responsible for the technical and market support of the local Orffa product managers in EU and provides the technical support service towards the pet food customers. Within the pet food portfolio of Orffa, the main focus will be on the products MacroGard® , an immune modulating beta-1,3/ 1,6- glucan from baker’s yeast and OTMaxTM , a high quality organic trace element.

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