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Successful - Presymposium Workshop on Physiological basis of voluntary feed intake in swine

Great Success for the Presymposium Workshop on Physiological basis of voluntary feed intake in swine.

Many of the challenges of modern pig production systems are closely related to feed intake. For example, initiation of feeding at weaning is probably one of the most critical points in pig production.

In Spain, on May 19th 2009 with an attendance of more than 230 specialists that filled the Mare Nostrum Hall of Termes de Montbrio Hotel, the halfday workshop dealing with voluntary feed intake of swine, was held as a session previous to the XI Symposium on Digestive Physiology of the Pig. The presymposium workshop was organised by Spanish animal nutrition company Lucta; the symposium itself was co-sponsored by various animal nutrition companies.

Lectures from eight world-renowned experts in feed intake were presented:
Dr Klasing, Sbarbati, Carroll, Black, Kiriaziakis, Torrallardona and Roura, chaired by John Patience, gave their lectures in person. Dr Forbes' material was presented by Dr Kiriaziakis.
Positive feedback
Feedback from scientists, general attendees and members of the scientific steering committee have been positive. All the lectures, plus six more have been published by Wageningen Academic Publication. The book, with the title "Voluntary feed intake in pigs", is already available, click here:
Tackle issues
It was noted that this workshop will help the swine nutritionist tackle the voluntary feed intake issues and contribute to a profitable pig production all over the world.



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