News last update:7 Aug 2012

Enzymes increase daily intake of pet food

At the latest Pet food update in Solingen, Germany (held in June this year), the use of enzymes/digests and hydrolysates in pet food was discussed.

Paulo Braga - Technical Manager Food at EMEA Univar Europe – explained the use of digests/hydrolysates for dry pet food and wet (canned) pet food. He discussed three types of enzymes (manufactured by the company Novozymes)

- Novo Pro D (endoproteases)
• Applied for basic flavor products, kibble coating
• Main purpose to liquefy and develop good base flavor
• Non GMM alternatives: Alcalase

- Protamex (endoproteases)
• Applied for meat slurry in meat injection and wet petfood
• Main purpose to liquefy and develop good mild taste at natural pH.
• Non GMM product

- Protamex Plus (endoproteases + exoproteases)
• Applied for premium flavors in dry and wet petfood
• Main purpose to liquefy and develop strong and enhanced taste as well as free amino acids
• Non GMM product

Palatability tests
One of the above mentioned products was tested against Chicken viscera. It was shown that the digest with the eenzyme (Novo Pro D) – supplemented at 0.5 g/kg - improved the daily consumption of the animals.


A second palatability test was done, looking at the difference between Chicken hearts, liver and lungs, with or without supplementation of 1 g Protamex /kg. The total daily consumption was again improved when enzymes were added.



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