News last update:6 Aug 2012

New bull fattening range from Schaumann

Rindamast is a completely new bull fattening range from Schaumann with specialised products for rearing feeders and for single- or multi-phase bull fattening systems.

The product provides optimal supplementation of the basic ration with essential minerals and active substances, as well as trace elements for top finishing and slaughter results.
Rindamast Starter meets the specific requirements of young beef cattle, especially for the B-vitamins. The carefully selected combination of ingredients supports a smooth transition from rearing to fattening and a quick start to the fattening period.
The Rindamast Uni products supplement the basic ration in single-phase bull fattening systems. The additional use of rumen- and small intestinally available selenium, rumen-active sulphur and Ass-co Ferm stabilise the rumen metabolism and promote crude fibre digestibility in particular.
The Rindamast finisher products are designed specifically for the requirements of the finishing period. Rumen- and small intestinally available selenium and rumen-active sulphur, if necessary supplemented with urea, create the foundation for high weight gains and economical beef production.
Further information is available via Schaumann

Dick Ziggers

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