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Berg+Schmidt presents its extended product range for profitable animal nutrition

Berg+Schmidt, one of the leading international suppliers of essential vegetable substances for profitable animal nutrition, will be presenting its extended range at this year's EuroTier in Hanover. The company will in future offer even more products from one source. The focus will be on conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) for high-performance dairy cows and fattening pigs and on lecithin as a multifunctional active ingredient.

CLAs: conjugated linoleic acids for dairy cows and fattening pigs
Berg+Schmidt has made an important addition to its range of essential ingredients for animal nutrition by taking over the Animal Feed Division of the Dutch company Loders Croklaan B.V., part of the Malayan palm oil group IOI. Conjugated linoleic acids are now part of its extensive programme.
LodeStarTM CLAME-P10 specifically regulates the energy balance of high-performance dairy cows. The free-flowing powder is odourless and tasteless; it contains readily digestible, rumen-stable nutrients and offers a very satisfactory cost-to-benefit ratio. The addition of CLAs to the feed makes milk production demonstrably more profitable. Numerous trials have shown that conjugated linoleic acids stabilize the health of high-performance cows. They greatly reduce the incidence of ketosis, mastitis and impaired fertility and correct a negative energy balance at an early stage. They have the effect of boosting the milk yield, improving feed uptake and feed conversion and stabilizing the animals’ weight during lactation. LodeStarTM CLAME-P10 also has a positive influence on the cows’ fertility: insemination is more often successful, pregnancy and calving are easier, and there are fewer cases of placental retention.
For fattening pigs Berg+Schmidt offers the special CLA products LodeStarTM L (liquid formulation) and LodeStarTM P (powder formulation). The objective of fortifying the feed with these two formulations is to make better use of the animals’ existing genetic potential in order to achieve optimum rearing performance. They have a positive influence on fat metabolism and nutrient uptake at various sites in the organism, stimulate the animals’ growth and gently support the immune system. Moreover, the quality of the carcasses is enhanced. For example, a number of trials have shown that fattening feed enriched with CLAs guarantees “firmer belly fat” and a thinner fat layer.
Lecithins and coated ingredients for optimum animal health and better milk and meat production
Besides CLAs, Berg+Schmidt will also be presenting its highlights from the field of phospholipids at EuroTier. Lecithins have a threefold function: as a source of energy, as an emulsifier for fats and subsequently as a physiological agent in metabolic processes. In their physiological function they act as transport vehicles, controlling the membrane processes in the body cells. They promote enzymatic activity and protect the liver and circulatory system against harmful changes. Being surfactants, they improve the emulsification and dispersion of fats and thus their digestibility. The deoiled lecithin BergaPur contains an extremely high concentration of phospholipids. It acts as a natural emulsifier, digestant and metabolism promoter for all farm animals – poultry, pigs and cattle – but it also benefits domestic pets and has positive effects in aquaculture farming. All in all, phospholipids enhance the digestibility of the nutrients in the feed, both in the form of deoiled lecithin (BergaPur) and in defined concentrations (BergaFit, BergaThin, BergaDust).
Specialist visitors can convince themselves of the potential of the new products and Berg+Schmidt’s customized solutions at EuroTier, on Stand C10 in Hall 15.

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