News last update:6 Aug 2012

Successful 3rd British Dairy Symposium

In line with previous successes, Kemin hosted the 3rd British Dairy Symposium on 17th February.

The event was chaired by Andrew Armstrong, Kemin UK Sales Manager and had the participation of several speakers including Dr Henri Rulquin (INRA).
In his presentation, Dr Rulquin outlined new developments in the area of protein nutrition for dairy cows.
His latest research has linked the cow’s protein requirements to the amino acid profile of the metabolizable protein. Dr Rulquin demonstrated that a good amino acid balance allows dietary protein to be used more efficiently by the cow, therefore allowing total crude protein levels to be lowered without impacting on cow performance.
The practical experience of this new approach was covered by Dr Angel Avila a veterinary consultant from Spain and Ir Ainhoa Perojo from Kemin Europa.
They presented actual European farm experiences, showing the economic advantages of this new approach and its impact on herd fertility.
Prof Jon Huxley from Nottingham University also gave an intriguing presentation on cow behaviour and attitudes to pain relief.
Adam Clay from Dairy Co outlined the different activities and projects in which this organization is involved.
James Husband from Evidence Based Veterinary Consultancy presented interesting data on the different factors affecting infertility in dairy cows from both a veterinary and nutritional perspective.

Dick Ziggers

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