News last update:6 Aug 2012

Hops assists in lowering ammonia produced by cattle

A scientist has discovered that by using hops this will lower ammonia produced by cattle.

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist, Michael Flythe, says that the problem comes from one group of bacteria, known as hyper-ammonia-producing bacteria, or HABs.
Lost amino acids
Other bacteria aid their bovine hosts in converting plant fibers to cud, but HABs break down amino acids, a chemical process that produces ammonia and strips the animals of the amino acids they need to build muscle tissue, according to microbiologist Flythe.
In order to boost lost amino acids, cattle growers have to add pricey and inefficient high-protein supplements to their animals' feed.
Flythe states that hops can lower the HABs found in rumen. Flythe placed dried hops flowers or hops extracts in either cultures of pure HAB or a bacterial mix collected from a live cow's rumen; the hops flowers and the extracts lowered HAB growth and ammonia production.
Source: Sciencedaily.com

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