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Basketball coach teaches delegates how to “Bounce Back”

Wrapping up Alltech's 26th Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium, University of Kentucky's Men's Basketball Head Coach, John Calipari taught Alltech delegates how to “Bounce Back”, referencing his recent book “Bounce Back: Overcoming Setback to Succeed in Business and in Life.”

“There is nothing of significance in your life that you will do by yourself,” said Calipari. “When I made my life about everybody else…my life became easier and we had more success.”
He encouraged those in agriculture to make someone each day feel special and through that action we can achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves and our industry.“Big dreams got me where I am today,” said Calipari.
He encouraged participants to “refuse to lose” by recounting a story of growing up as a child in Pittsburgh.
As a kid, while shooting hoops in the back yard, he always won the game. When his mom called him for dinner, he would take the “last second” shot before heading in the house.
“If I missed the shot, it was because someone fouled me, and I got to take a foul shot.” This refuse to lose attitude is what keeps you focused to achieve your goals.
Perfect theme
“2010 is truly the year that agriculture bounces back,” stated Alltech president and founder, Dr. Pearse Lyons. “When I read Coach Calipari’s book, I knew this would be particularly relevant to our audience, so I stole the title and made it our theme.
“Through these principles, the agriculture industry can take control of our destiny and continue our noble mission, one of feeding the world.”
Engage and take action
That sentiment was echoed by Alltech’s North American Director, Dr. Mark Lyons, who spoke on bridging the gap between the consumer and the producer.
 “We must take control of our message. Don’t be on the offensive or defensive, but rather be engaging and take action,” said Lyons.
“We have an all important goal, and that is feeding a population that will increase by almost 50% in the next 40 years. We can’t take our eye off the ball. We must make sure we tell our story so we can continue our mission to cure the global hunger epidemic.”
This year’s Symposium had 1,542 registrants from 63 countries, making it the second largest audience in Symposium history.

Dick Ziggers

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