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Break down the information barriers

Are the Information Systems in your organization compartmentalized? Are nutritionists the only people using formulation and nutrient data? Are the grain merchandisers the only ones using the commodity trading and tracking system and are the mill operators the only users with access to the automated batching system data?

Why? There is a wealth of data in these systems that should be used across the organization to improve the bottom line.  Tell me how your organization is breaking down these barriers to increased profitability!

This does require tight integration and data access between the solutions you have implemented.  There can also be barriers between the departments.  The integration has to be between the people in the departments as well as the software.  Traditionally these issues have prevented cross access to data.  Solve that issue and you have the capability to access powerful information!

How accurate is your manufacturing system?  Compare theoretical to actual ingredient usage. Calculate the protein, kcal and other nutrient values actually delivered to a group of animals Should you buy that opportunity ingredient that is available?  How much do you buy and what price can you pay?

Know your cost per unit of finished product of the meat, milk and eggs on a daily basis, not just the cost of feed. What is the financial performance of your purchasing department compared to the market?

Accurately forecast ingredient and formula requirements based on projected animal movements and performance. What other information is your organization sharing across departments? What are the financial impacts you are realizing by doing so?

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