News last update:6 Aug 2012

Seales enhances its science of animal nutrition

Morrinsville, New Zealand based Seales feeds declared that it is accelerating its progress towards becoming the country's leading, scientifically-based, animal nutrition company.

Managing Director, Ross Hyland, announced the appointment of Dr Andrew West as General Manager, Strategy and R&D at Seales.
“Dr West joins Seales to help expand the contribution of science and technology to the feeding of ruminant animals – cows, cattle, sheep and deer – in New Zealand.
“Animal nutrition is a science not an art and it offers the greatest opportunity for both productivity growth and pollution control within pastoral agriculture. I am confident that Seales will play a central role in helping farmers achieve the twin goals of more profit with a lower environmental footrpint” said Hyland.
Balancing feeds
“This is no longer about supplementary feeds” Hyland continued, “it is about balanced feeds to promote reproduction, growth, development and lactation, and better manage nitrogen and greenhouse gases on farm.”
Dr West described how he is genuinely excited to be joining what in his view is the leader in animal feeds in NZ and is excited by how Seales is growing its contribution of science to animal nutrition.
“It is the firm intention of Seales to work with leading scientists, particularly those at AgResearch and at Massey, Lincoln and Auckland Universities, to progress that science.
“To do so, we are in the process of appointing an impressive scientific advisory board. Without question, this country will benefit greatly from a serious scientific effort to underpin the nutrition of livestock and it is Seales’ aim to provide the commercial leadership to achieve that” said Dr West.

Dick Ziggers

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