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Suspension of GMP+ certificate of Harles und Jentzsch

Due to the dioxin problems GMP+ International has suspended the GMP+ certificate of the business Harles und Jentzsch GmbH in Uetersen in Germany as of January 6, 2011.

On January 5, 2011 an audit was carried out at the business by GMP+ International and the involved certification organisation in connection with the current dioxin problems in Germany.
This has shown that Harles und Jentzsch GmbH does not meet the GMP+ requirements. For that reason, the certificate of Harles und Jentzsch GmbH has been suspended immediately.
This means that as of that moment GMP+ certified businesses no longer may purchase animal feed from Harles und Jentzsch GmbH. The firm will be excluded from GMP+ certification for at least three months.

Dick Ziggers

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    Harles und jentzch Dioxin problems were detected in march 2010 ... what did GMP do ?

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