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European Feed Ingredients Platform (EFIP) Symposium

The European Feed Ingredients Platform on April 5th, 2011, will organise a symposium on "The Contribution of Sector Guides and Certifiable Codes to Feed Safety in the EU".

The conference has the aim to explore and discuss with the different stakeholders the present situation of feed safety in the EU.
“We will look together at a number of key issues, such as the responsibility of the industry sectors, the role of the European Guides and certifiable feed safety management schemes in supporting the supply of safe feed,” says Didier Jans, secretary general of Fefana.
It will also be discussed how feed ingredient suppliers can contribute to feed safety.
Invited speakers
Speakers from the European Commission DG Health and Consumer protection, DG Agriculture and the Food and Veterinary Office, as well as Feed Industry representatives and feed safety scheme owners, will present their views and understanding on the present situation and the way forward.
The organisations invites all concerned stakeholder in the feed and food chain to participate and contribute to the event.
The EFIP symposium will take place on Tuesday 5 April 2011, 14.00 hrs. at the National Belgium Library , Auditorium Lippens, in Brussels.
Registration via website: www.efip-ingredients.org
For more information contact info@efip-ingredients.org

Dick Ziggers

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