News last update:6 Aug 2012

New calf nutrition products from Schaumann

With Kalbi Liquid and Schaumann Energy Protect German specialist Schaumann presents two new products for use in calf drinking milk and calf rearing feed.

High weight gains and a smooth development through to full ruminating ability represent the central aims of calf rearing. Optimal early development lays the foundations for performance in the following beef production or as member of a milking herd.
Kalbi Liquid Protect features a combination of high quality omega-3 and further specific fatty acids, a blend conceived especially for use during the early drinking stage.
The high content of valuable omega-3 fatty acids has an anti-inflammatory effect and plays a role in the development of the large mucous membrane surface in the digestive tract, a surface particularly sensitive and especially so during this early stage.
The further specific fatty acids are effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and in this way regulate the intestine flora. Result: digestion is improved and this supports growth and vitality of calves in the early rearing phase.
The product is dosed as liquid in the drinking milk at 20 ml per animal and day.
Transition period
Schaumann Energy Protect supports the seamless transition from liquid feed into solid feeding of calves.
This product contains a combination of omega-3-fatty acids and specific fatty acids in rumen-stable form as calcium soaps.
The special manufacturing process involved protects the fatty acids from breakdown in the rumen. They are first reabsorbed in the small intestine.
The result: feeding trials on commercial farms confirm definite improvements in daily weight gain and feed conversion efficiency for young calves as well as store calves.
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Dick Ziggers

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