News last update:6 Aug 2012

SPACE: Nutrea Animal Nutrition wins three star Innov'Space award

French animal nutrition company Nutrea won a prestigious three-star Innov'Space award at the first day of the annual livestock show in Rennes, France.

Of the 53 awards receiving one or two stars, there were only seven that were awarded a complimentary star at the show’s exhibition party.
The company’s ‘Truiebox’ aims to provide farmers a density indicator at every feed delivery related to his gestating and lactating sows, based on the density of the raw materials used in each formulation and on the processing parameters of the product, e.g. milling or granulation.
Benefits include increased accuracy as well as improved control over the amount of feed fed to the sows. In addition, there is a practical value as each density is stated on the product label of delivery. Last but not least, better knowledge of the type of feed helps to improve financial results as well.
Other winners of three stars included:
-          FAF (FAF Le Rêve: cage ventilation) – poultry
-          Gallagher (Smart Power Mi: electric fencing) – cattle, sheep
-          Veng System (Intelligent Canopy: a piglets pen) – pigs
-          Mechineau Elevage Industrie (V5: calf feed dispenser) – feed, cattle
-          AGID (ID_Parlour: Milking help) – cattle, sheep
-          Acémo (Eliskool: feedstuff distribution equipment) – feed, pigs

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