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People: Jack DeWitt, co-founder of Big Dutchman, passes away

Jack DeWitt, founder with his brother Dick DeWitt of the automated poultry and swine production systems manufacturer 'Big Dutchman', passed away at his home in Zeeland, Michingan, USA, at the age of 100.

Jacob (Jack) H. DeWitt was born on the 30th of January 1911, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Dutch immigrants, the sixth child of his father Dingeman and his mother Trijntje DeWitt.

After graduating from Hope college in 1932 with a major in History, he founded with his brother Dick DeWitt the company Big Dutchman Inc in 1938, supplying automated poultry equipment.

Big Dutchman gathered many governmental plaudits, including a service award from the US Deprtment of Commerce and the Presidential "E" award, for contributions to and helping to facilitate trade.   

The two brothers sold Big Dutchman in 1968, which is now headquartered in Germany and supplies automated poultry and swine production systems world wide.

DeWitt passed away on the 6th of January 2012, just short of what would have been his 101st birthday, and is survived by his wife, Marlies; four children, 11 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.





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