News last update:6 Aug 2012

Belgian Flax Association becomes Ovocom member

The Belgian Flax Association, the professional organisation of flax cultivation and fiber flax preparation, has been welcomed as a new member of Ovocom.

Ovocom is the consultation platform for companies active in the animal feed chain. With the new addition there are now 15 Belgian federations operating in the animal feed sector are now members.

“Ensuring  safe and high quality animal feed throughout the entire chain of production, trade, storage and transportation remains our top priority" quotes  Kathleen Spenik, chairman of Ovocom. “Therefore Ovocom  manages, in close cooperation and through continuous dialogue with companies, authorities and other organizations, the GMP Standard. The correct application of the GMP is supervised by independent Certification Bodies.” The GMP Standard serves as a guideline for all companies active in the animal feed chain.  In total more than 2000 companies, from home and  abroad, are now GMP certified by independent Certification Bodies. “Therefore, we are very pleased that the Belgian flax sector has joined our initiative conforming this way the importance of feed and food safety.”

The Belgian Flax Association counts about 90 members, located mainly in the Belgian provinces of West and East Flanders. About 50 of the associated companies are active in the first processing of the flax straw, where long and short flax fibers, linseed, flaxstraw, etc. are produced. The linseed can be used in animal feed production. Most of these  primary processors are, through seasonal tenancy, also at the base of the cultivation of the fiber flax, of which the area in Belgium has stabilized lately at about 11.500 ha.

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