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People: Luc Seurnynck new chairman of Belgian feed makers

Luc Seurynck, managing director of NV Feed Seurynck, on April 26, 2012 was elected Bemefa President of the Association of Feed Manufacturers in Belgium.

He succeeds Mr. Frank Decadt (NV Feed Decadt) and Flor Joosen (NV Joosen-Luyckx), who as vice president duo took the presidency last year.
Luc Seurynck, together with his brother Marc, runs the feed company NV Feed Seurynck in St. Eloois-Winkel.
Feed Seurynck NV is a medium sized family business, specializing in swine nutrition and feeding cattle. In the pig sector its main part (70%) consist of free sale.
Seurynck together with colleague Marc Degrave (Degrave, Staden) is also managing director of Eurocer, a grain storage and feed company with several sites in Thuringia and Saxony (Germany).
Feed Seurynck NV is a member of the Belgian feed manufacturers’ federation Bemefa since 1990.
Luc Seurynck is member of the Board of Directors since 1992 and from from 2000 to 2007 he was already member of the executive committee.
The four key elements of its policy are: to advocate for better hygiene, contribute to a reduction of antibiotic use, sustainability in business,and  differentiation / diversification.

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