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Heat Stress Additives

Summer is once again here and I have already received three calls regarding diet changes in anticipation of summer heat waves. Naturally, when it comes to additives the first selection has always been vitamin C and sodium bicarbonate.


But, I have a question for all of us...
If we were to pick only one of the two additives (vitamin C or sodium bicarbonate), regardless of cost, which one would you prefer based on expected efficacy against heat stress?
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    Puneet Agrawal

    Vitamin C, along with Vit. A and E; also Zn.

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    Harry VAN POPPEL

    Preferably vitamin C beyond sodium bicarbonate.

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    Tim Horne

    I would use natural betaine as the first choice additive for heat stress owing to its well documented role as an osmolyte, and comparatively economical inclusion when its choline and methionine sparing capabilities are considered.

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    Gustavo Cordova

    Ascorbic acid has never shown an effect
    on production or egg quelity in NW Mexico, than, the choice has been sodium bicarbonate and salicylic acid for layers in summer in Hermosillo.

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    Frans Bouvy

    Above those two additives i would prefer betaine, either natural or as betaine.hydrochloride.
    As natural osmolyte, choline- and methionine-sparing methyldonor it is very (cost)effective against heat stress.

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    Tiok Bagus Taufani Sanoesi

    Back here in Indonesia, Vit C did not gave any clear effect against Heat stress.
    Usually in Indonesia we prefer to used combination between Vit C and fan. actually fan had more effect than Vit C.
    But can anyone tell me benefit of Tryptophan to control stress ?

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    @ Gustavo Cordova
    Why would you want to spare choline through the addition of betaine (cost-wise)?

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    Frans Bouvy

    My answer to Judith :
    The question is what to give against Heat Stress. By using betaine against heat stress you dose enough to replace as side effect part or all of the otherwise added cholinechloride.

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    The best and economic remedy for broilers-heat stress/mortality is: no feed for all the day long ( from 7,30 a.m. to 7,30 p.m.)... and fresh water!! C and betaine on top in feeds.

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    Alireza Abbasipour

    I prefere to use NaHco3 plus chelated Cr. both of them have a grate effect on feed intake,heat tolerance and mortality of poultry with blood and hormonal mechanism.


    I think that Cr will be more helpful for the heat, cold, transportation, etc. stresses. Because there are many animal nutritionists who did many technical article about Cr's effects on stresses. For more information, you can contact me.

  • Carlos Acedo

    I have lived and worked in Venezuela, where we have heat and moisture stress year round. Bicarbonate is tightly controlle by local authorities, so my best choice has benn vitamina C. I have used it for decades in piglets, broilers and layers with good results as far as mortality and performante are concerned. A correnct electrolite balance also helps.

  • antonio ciribolla

    Glicina. Vitamina C. Magnesio carbonato

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  • Elizabeth Denny

    I have lived and worked in Venezuela, where we have warmth and dampness stretch year round. Bicarbonate is firmly controlle by neighborhood specialists, so my best decision has benn vitamina C. I have utilized it for quite a long time in piglets, ovens and layers with great outcomes to the extent mortality and performante are concerned. A correnct electrolite adjust likewise makes a difference.

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  • mack jordal

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