News last update:6 Aug 2012

DuPont and Tereos launch new production line for betaine

DuPont and Tereos are celebrating the completion of their joint investment being the first production unit in the world of betaine from vinasse.

In 2011, DuPont acquired Danisco, forming two new business units Nutrition & Health and Industrial Biosciences, which incorporates Danisco Animal Nutrition. Initiated in 2010, prior to the acquisition, this pioneering investment will allow DuPont to better satisfy market demand for natural betaine.
The new dedicated betaine production facility is located within Tereos’ existing bioethanol production plant, the biggest sugar beet distillery in the world, at Origny-Sainte-Benoîte (France).
This site is the world’s largest single source of natural betaine and will be managed and operated by Tereos.
DuPont, in collaboration with Novasep Process, are responsible for building the process line which combines Danisco’s proprietary chromatographic technology with membrane and evaporation steps to produce natural betaine.
Feed additive
Natural betaine is used in a large variety of different applications across many markets, in particular as a technical additive in animal feed.
For Danisco Animal Nutrition the natural betaine product Betafin is a key element supporting the business’ strategy of providing healthy nutrition solutions to the animal feed industry.
The osmolytic and hydration functionality of Betafin provides added value to producers by improving livestock intestinal health and it reduces the negative impact of heat and disease challenges that can disrupt the animals’ water balance.

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