News last update:16 Aug 2012

People: Chairman of Indian Herbs recieves Rashriya Udyog Ratna award

Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award has been given to Mr Sushil Agrawala, Chairman of Indian Herbs Group of companies in Mumbai.
Mr Agrawala was given the award for his work over the last 40 years developing Veterinary Ayurveda (herbal veterinary medicine) as a science of animal health care. This innovative work has now become an internationally recognized science and also has evolved as an industry not only in India, but in around 40 other countries also.
Starting in1968 Sushil Agrawala visualized and gave practical shape to the concept of development of herbal veterinary products as Veterinary Ayurveda, on modern scientific lines including pharmacological and toxicological studies and controlled clinical trials, the parameters which apply for scientific development of any modern synthetic medicine.
Mr Agrawala has received many National Awards from the Inidan government:
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurship (2007),
  • Outstanding R & D Achievements (2008)
  • Outstanding Quality Products (2010)
Also UP State Excellent Export Performance Awards (1995-96, 2004-05 & 2008-09); AIMA - Dr. J.S. Juneja Award (2007) for Creativity and Innovation from All India Management Association, Delhi; “Award of Honour” (2007) from Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine; Ambassador of Goodwill Award from Lions International (1991-92) etc.
He has travelled extensively to about 50 countries giving scientific presentations on Veterinary Ayurveda, he has written 53 research papers which have been published in various national and international journals and magazines. And has given guest lectures in many agriculture, veterinary and other universities all over the country.


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