Centre for Feed Technology receives ISO-9001 certificate

Centre for Feed Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, has qualified for ISO-9001 certification. This shows that the systematic work being performed at the Centre for Feed Technology, FôrTek, has paid off. For the researchers and other customers, FôrTek will also in the future be an innovative partner.

FôrTek is the first public available Feed Technology Centre in Norway achieving this certification. One practicality with this certification is that some EU-companies are demanding "ISO-9001-feed» for their animals whose products will enter the food chain. For FôrTek's industrial partners, this certification is important. When these partners are promoting results, obtained at a certified feed it gives them extra credibility.

"This certification is made possible through the work of quality manager Dejan Miladinovic" says FôrTek's manager Olav Fjeld Kraugerud. As mentioned above, ISO-9001 certification is widely used in the industry. However, regarding allowance to produce feed in Norway, it is the Norwegian Food Safety Authority dealing with such.  The Centre for Feed Technology has all such necessary allowances and overall usage of antibiotics and coccidiostatics.

The Centre for Feed Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) is delivering the basis for quality research in feed & nutrition, both for agri- and aquacultural purpose. Principals are researcher at the University, and both domestic and foreign feed producers, including additive suppliers.


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