Much to see at the biggest ever industry event

FIAAP Asia, VICTAM Asia and GRAPAS Asia 2014 will be even bigger than the last event in 2012. With over 200 international exhibitors visitors will find plenty to see and talk about over the three days of the exhibitions and conferences. One phrase that seems to be heard more and more is “how to save on costs”.

Millers are looking more and more at how to achieve costs savings, increase efficiency but without reducing the quality of their end products. This is true whether an animal feed miller, an aquafeed miller, a petfood manufacturer, a rice miller or a flour miller; and with greater global competition you have to be "leaner and meaner" to succeed and maintain that success.

The availability and costs of raw materials, energy, labour, etc. are no longer guaranteed, therefore alternatives have to be examined and sourced. New technology, programs, automation, etc. can increase efficiency, reduce power consumption and cut manpower and increase flexibility but without impairing the end product, in fact improving it.

Ingredients are also a very important factor that can both improve your end product and reduce your costs. With a greater selection of specialist ingredients and additives now available, especially to the feed millers, together with alternative base ingredients the formulator/nutritionist is able to provide cheaper and better feed for their customers, with increased nutritional properties and will store for longer periods.

The biggest ever showcase event for these industries is taking place at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), in Bangkok from 8 – 10 April, inclusive. There are in fact three exhibitions within this one event; they are FIAAP Asia, VICTAM Asia and GRAPAS Asia 2014.

  1. FIAAP Asia 2014 – Profiles the range of specialist ingredients and additives used within the production of animal feeds, aquafeeds and petfoods.
  2. VICTAM Asia 2014 – Profiles both the specialist technology and systems, together with ancillary equipment, that produce safe, nutritious animal feeds cost effectively. The production of biomass pelleting is also included within this exhibition.
  3. GRAPAS Asia 2014 – Profiles ingredients, specialist technology and systems, together with ancillary equipment that are used in rice and flour milling, grain processing etc. Companies will also exhibit the latest technology for grain preservation, transportation, storage, etc.

With over 200 exhibitors from these industry sectors, and coming from all over the world, there will be much for industry visitors to see, touch, discuss and learn.

There is also more, as there will be a series of conferences being held during the event, they are:

1. The FIAAP Conference – Subjects: Animal feed ingredients and additives.

2. Petfood Forum Asia – Subjects: Petfood production technology and ingredients.

3. Aquafeed Horizons Asia – Subjects: Aquafeed production technology and ingredients.

4. The Thai Feed Conference – Subjects: to be advised.

5. Pellets Update Asia- Subjects: Biomass pellet production technology and use within Asia/Pacific.

6. The GRAPAS Conference – Subjects: Rice milling technology, grain storage, transportation & preservation.

7. Good Management Practice – Subjects: How to achieve internationally recognised mill management standards.

To find out more about these conferences, their full programmes, if there is a charge or not, please consult the organiser's websites -   www.fiaap.com, www.victam.com & www.grapas.eu


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