Intensify feed production in a sustainable way

The CropTech-FeedTech knowledge programme which has now become internationally renowned will also be one of the highlights at VIV Europe.

The developments in this field are progressing so rapidly and are so vital for the production of animal protein that this theme has attracted massive international interest.

Sustainable intensification
Within the central theme of 'Sustainable intensification' the production of animal feeds is essential. The quality of the feed is a spearhead because this has such a massive influence on the quality of the end products for the consumer. The feed component is also a significant factor for the cost price of meat, poultry meat and eggs. The production of efficient, high-quality feed is therefore a main topic at VIV Europe.

The scientific world is discovering to an increasing level how the production chain can be managed by using technology and automation in these chains. It comes down to the ability to switch quickly between various protein-rich raw materials, depending on price and availability on the world market and tracking and tracing.

Focus on animal feed
At VIV Europe experts and exhibitors will be presenting their best knowledge and techniques in the field of feed production. Animal feed is also the theme of the opening congress on Tuesday May 20th. Exhibitors will be presenting all of the latest techniques and animal feed will be examined in depth. This will also cover topics such as ingredients, additives and veterinary medication – the latter also being of major importance since there is a direct relationship between food quality and food safety.

The CropTech-FeedTech Conference will be held Wednesday May 21.

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