Meet GMP+ FRA experts at the Responsible Soy Events

This month GMP+ International will be present at two events and will be there to inform you on recent developments in the industry.

The GMP+ FRA module was launched at the end of 2014 and certification started by the 1st of January 2015. Many companies are currently working on implementing these requirements with or without the help of consultants. Besides support via the GMP+ helpdesk and the information available on the website, there are more ways to learn about GMP+ FRA certification. GMP+ will be present at the following events this month;

RT10: 10th Annual RTRS Conference on Responsible Soy 19th and 20th of May 2015, Brussels

GMP+ International works together with RTRS (Round Table of Responsible Soy) on responsible soy for feed producers and responsible feed for livestock farmers. The theme of the 10th Annual RTRS conference on responsible soy, is called "the road towards 10 million tonnes of responsible soy by 2017".

As supporter of this initiative GMP+ International will be represented during the break-out session entitled "Road Signs. "This session will open the debate on the possibility of a common language or approach towards sustainability, when every region, commodity, buyer has its own codes, requirements and how our GMP+ MI101 Production and trade of RTRS soy certification is fitting here in. Read more or apply here for this event.

Responsible soy 'the Dutch Market Transition' 21st May 2015, Klarenbeek, The Netherlands

Nevedi (Dutch Feed Industry Association) and Het Comité (Dutch Grain and Feed trade Association) organise a networking event about the implementation of responsible soy in the Netherlands. The entire Dutch market is making the move to responsible soy this year. To facilitate a part of this transition, two GMP+ MI documents are created to support the demand from the Dutch Dairy Chain (Duurzame Zuivelketen) and SMK. GMP+ International will present a practical case study featuring Groan as the first GMP+ FRA certified company in the Netherlands during this event and will of course be available to answer your practical questions. Read more or register here.


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