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The latest digital version of All About Feed magazine can now be read online. In this issue, we look at the mycotoxin threats for dairy cows, a novel ingredient for salmon feed and the use of humic acid to boost performance of broilers.

A current project in Norway is looking at ways to make farmed fish diets more sustainable, as in less marine ingredients for example. The research, led by Margareth Øverland, aims at partially replacing fish meal in farmed fish diets with a yeast created from coniferous trees. "Many species of trees could be used to make fish feed, but it is the fibres of coniferous trees that make it special," explained Professor Øverland in the article on page 8 of this issue of All About Feed.

Margareth Øverland

Mycotoxin threat for dairy cows

The dairy industry is usually under constant mycotoxin attack due to the very high dry matter intake (DMI) per cow per day. Since 1989, the population of dairy cows has significantly dropped, while the milk production has remained relatively constant. These days, dairy cows produce a lot more milk than decades ago as a result of higher DMI. Higher DMI has led to increased intake of mycotoxins and their negative effects in ruminants. The solutions for dairy cows are further explained in the article from Radka Borutova on page 23 of this issue.

May edition All About Feed now online

Use of humic acid in broiler feed

Humic substances are a class of compounds resulting from decomposition of organic matter, particularly plants. A lot of studies and trials showed their capacity to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth (decreasing levels of mycotoxins in feed), reduced stress by hormones, and improved immune system, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties as well as prevention and cure of intestinal disorders. Recent trials in broilers showed showed positive effect in the first and delicate phase of rearing (started phase) in broiler chicken when the humic acid supplement was added to the diet. Read more on page 26 of this issue.

May edition All About Feed now online

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